Hiring a Contractor

How to Hire a Contractor

ShoreLine Windows & Doors knows customers feel a lot of uncertainity when building or remodeling their home because of the frightening contractor stories from family and friends.

Customers of ShoreLine Windows & Doors can be confident in knowing that our dealers were chosen because of their quality window installation and impeccable service to their customers.

For customers that choose to hire an outside contractor, ShoreLine Windows & Doors has provided tips below on how to choose a reputable contractor. S

Step One

Do your research. Check with family and friends who have recently built or remodeled a home. Was there a contractor they feel confident recommending for your job? When talking with the contractor, always be sure to check out his/her references. Finally, call your local Better Business Bureau to confirm your contractor has not been reported for undesirable quality or service on the job.

Step Two

Check out licensing and insurance. Ask your contractor for licensing and proof of insurance before beginning work.