Providing the Post-Frame Construction Industry with Quality Vinyl Windows.

ViWinTech is dedicated to offering high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors ideal for sheds, garages, standard residences, manufactured homes, post-frame construction and various other applications. Our objective is to supply stylish and cost-effective window options for every building type, whether it’s a large building or a modest structure.

Benefits to Installing Vinyl Windows in Your Post-Frame Building

When comparing window options and materials, ViWinTech vinyl windows are the clear choice:

  • Energy Efficient

    Vinyl windows are more energy efficient, which makes them better for controlling temperatures within your post-frame building, saving customers on heating and cooling costs. They provide better insulation and have minimal heat transfer compared to traditional aluminum windows. In addition to elevating the aesthetics and value of your post-frame structure, windows and doors from ViWinTech deliver enduring energy efficiency. Each of our offerings can be tailored to satisfy Energy Star standards across all U.S. regions.
  • Affordable

    While aluminum windows tend to come with a similar price tag, vinyl windows offer a cost-effective yet premium alternative. ViWinTech caters to budget-conscious post-frame builders by providing top-notch products at competitive prices. Opting for vinyl windows in your post-frame structure may make additional window upgrade possibilities for customers who would otherwise find them unattainable with pricier materials.
  • Customizable

    With their thicker frames, vinyl windows present a more traditional and modern appearance, distinguishing them from modern-looking aluminum windows. Vinyl windows excel in mimicking the natural texture and appearance of wood grain, appealing to customers seeking the charm of wood without compromising on the durability and energy efficiency offered by vinyl. The customizability of vinyl windows provides post-frame buildings with a more luxurious look for an affordable price. Our extensive range of vinyl windows encompasses diverse styles, shapes, finishes and glass options so post-frame builders have more flexibility, allowing them to build a post-frame structure that better matches their style preferences.
  • Durable

    When it comes to purchasing windows for post-frame construction, vinyl windows surpass their aluminum counterparts in durability. Vinyl windows’ resistance to dents, corrosion and fading make them the superior choice. Unlike aluminum, vinyl windows are less susceptible to scratching, cracking, marring and chipping. Even in the event of damage, imperfections are far less noticeable in vinyl than in aluminum. Our warranty offers consumers peace of mind, ensuring protection against peeling, flaking, chipping, blistering and corrosion. In the rare event of a defect, we stand behind our products by providing replacement parts at no cost.
  • Low Maintenance

    ViWinTech vinyl windows offer unmatched ease of maintenance compared to windows constructed from other materials. By opting for vinyl, you eliminate the need for costly refinishing or repainting. With minimal upkeep and biannual cleaning, ViWinTech vinyl windows maintain their like-new appearance and functionality effortlessly, making them the elite choice for your post-frame construction project. Whether you’re looking for windows for your post-frame buildings with premium features or affordability, custom shapes or more traditional frames, ViWinTech has windows to suit any structure size, style, shape and budget.

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All ViWinTech products have been proudly manufactured right here in the USA since 1952. Made in our hometown of Paducah, KY and trusted by over 400 distributed nationwide, ViWinTech provides convenient access to high quality, easily maintained vinyl windows and doors that don’t break the bank and will satisfy everyone from distributors to contractors to the consumer.

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